Why a sad Gudetama egg mascot gets 60 million views on YouTube?

Meet the Gudetama Egg: Why are kids’ characters always funny and smiling? What if a sad and depressed mascot c0uld get the same attention and be loved by kids from the entire world? Could a different kind of mascot entertain them even better? And what if that mascot is an egg character? It is about to happen. Yes! It has already happened in Japan and the rest of Asia, and now this cute little character becomes more and more popular in the rest of the world too. Meet the Gudetama egg! It is almost a synonym for the anthropomorphic embodiment of severe depression. This character is lazy. He doesn’t do much at all. The animated episodes are extremely short but effective. This egg mascot loves to complain about everything in the society and the world. It is created by Sanrio that is a well-known Japanese company with many popular characters like Hello Kitty. You have probably noticed some of their cute and nice characters, but never anything like Gudetama before.gudetama egg

The meaning of Gudetama and how the egg was created

So what does it mean? The name “Gudetama” consists of two words, “Gude” (or Gude Gude) that has the meaning of being lazy or laziness, and “Tama,” a short version for egg (tamago). So indeed Gudetama means Lazy Egg, and out of the name we don’t learn anything more about his complex personality. Or it isn’t that complex indeed, although we get curious to know everything about a character that is so special.

How was he created? Sanrio introduced an internal competition named Food Character Election in 2013 where their goal was to invent new exciting characters based on Japanese food. And white egg is a really popular part of Japanese meals. Japanese people put an egg in everything. One of the Sanrio artists launched the Lazy Egg character there and then, and Gudetama did it very well indeed in this competition. Actually he came second after Kirimi-Chan which is mentioned longer down in this article. You can also find more details about this competition on ShoutWiki if you are interested to learn more.

How is the personality of Gudetama egg?

We need to cover his personality a bit more. He is probably the strangest character San Rio has brought together ever. Being “Lazy” is one important property of this character.  He lies around in bed all day and generally won’t move at all. But his sad viewing point of life is maybe even a more important part of his personality. Nobody can encourage Gudetama to be positive. It is impossible because he lacks the motivation to do anything. He has already given up! He is born negative and likes to defeat all the positive things. If you visit his official Twitter page you will see that he complains about everything. He goes through murmur and trouble every day because great people told him to do so. One beautiful day, sooner or later he is going to be be eaten so there is no reason hoping for a future. It may happen that he is desperate and even smiling when he asks people to vote for him in his videos. Here is an example where he smiles! Except from those short moments he is unhappy all the time. “I want to live a stable life”, he says. “Never say never”. So it gives hope as well but he is too realistic to really believe in it. “Wanna go home”. Indeed, he doesn’t want to do anything. So who gets attracted by this character? I think if you feel you have something in common with him, if you understand him, you will love him. Maybe you need to be a combination of lazy, having a distaste of life or a kind of frustration or even fears… Then you may find that you share something with him. It’s a little bit melancholy in them as well probably, and they have probably got the feeling that nobody cares about them. Who Cares if I’m ok or not? Who Cares if I will die? Lonely people without social antennas may feel they have something in common with him.

Is Gudetama a man or woman? The fact is that “he” is neither male nor female, according to SGV Tribune. So we apologize for writing “him” all the time. It just doesn’t feel natural to say “it”…

Gudetama restaurant

Why people love Gudetama and find him so cute?

What is the secret formula of Gudetama’s adventurous success? How can a sad egg mascot really become so popular? The word “kawaii” is  a word that suits Gudetama very well and all of the Sanrio characters as well. The word means “cute” and “lovable”. And that is how most Japanese people find this egg man. According to the website FirstWeFeast.com the first food character Anpanman was bread-roll head, and that was already in 1973. It took 40 more years to find a really successful food maskot. The fans love to see his cute little face peering out from a roll of an egg-salad

Gudetama Rollcakesandwich or any other meal.

“Let’s eat this egg”. That threaten if he will be eaten is probably the closest we reach a real drama or a kind of voltage point in the episodes. He is small and cannot defend himself from others. He cannot do much, maybe jump or hide… That’s everything… Sometimes people are asking: “Where are you Gudetama”? And then he is quite.

I think there is a combination of the cute look, his unique personality that differs from all the other characters out there and his small appealing quotes that make him so popular. Maybe you love him so much that you want to buy yourself a kigurumi suit so you look like him?

How popular is this egg mascot?

The Gudetama feber is massive! Now he has got fans everywhere of the globe. Maybe Sanrio thought it should be a maskot mostly for kids in the beginning, but it didn’t end in this way. The Gudetama market has slightly broadened to include adult consumers as well. Today families and even independent adults are travelling to Expos and pop up expositions far away from their home just to join Gudetama meetups, because they love him and find him so cute. Also travelers from other countries go to Japan only for visiting the Gudetama cafes.  There is one in Osaka, Japan, and more cafeterias have already popped up, according to Rocket News 24. Not only are the cafes decorated with egg pictures but also the Japanese meals served here looks like the cartoon mascot egg yolk! E.g Singapore has recently got their very own restaurant. You can check it out here. Even the chairs in this restaurant are shaped like eggs wrapped in egg shells. The menus contain everything from breakfast in a pan, waffles in a pan and coffee, according to Channel News Asia. Pretty cool, isn’t it? And the food is shaped and made like an extravagant artwork. Some of the platters are named “Stressful society”, “Japanese Culture” and “Just let me sleep like this forever”. TokyoPop describes it could be creatively designed sandwich plates, green tea purin custard, sauced Udon noodles and creme caramel purin. The pop up cafes will, just like the name say “pop up” at different places for a limited time, so you should hurry on if you want to try these delicious egg meals and gets an invitation.

According to MyAnimeList, world’s laziest egg has got a popularity rating of 7.38 of 10 points which is quite a lot. His Official Facebook page is also very popular and has got almost 250.000 likes and it’s not stopping there.  He has more than 260.000 followers on Instagram. On Twitter there are 750.000 followers and soon 1900 Tweets.

Gudetama on YouTube

There are about 214.000 searches of Gudetama on Youtube, and the video How To Make Gudetama Egg Clear Slime has got almost 6 millions views, and there are other How-to videos that also have reached near 3 million views. E.g. How To Make Gudetama Egg Bread is extremely popular. The very detailed 7-minute long step-by-step video about Gudetama Pudding Maker is also seen by almost 2 million viewers. In Western eyes, a Gudetama Vomit Slime Squeeze would look a bit disgusting. The Raindrop Cake training video has been seen by 1.3 million people. There are so many creative guide videos on YouTube.  Also viral articles on the web have been shared more than 25.000 times on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Gudetama egg Restaurant

The locations and meals

His TV series consists of short one-minute-ish anime episodes. Each episode contains an unique idea. He doesn’t say much at all. Settings may be the beach, kitchen, dinner table, swimming pool, in front of TV in the living room, film studio, sushi band at the restaurant inside of a shipping package, lunch box or everywhere else. He could be served together with all kind of meals, just as a basic “scrambled egg”, chocolate cake, chicken, in pasta, soy sauce, noodles, sausage, crab and egg, on bread, rice meal, hamburger steak, sukityaki and omelette. As you see, the Japanese people love to combine eggs with all kind of food. Yeah, endless variation of cooking.

The characters in the show

Gudetama doesn’t have any friends or any default character that often joins him in the show. He is completely alone, so maybe not so difficult to understand why he feels so depressed. But you will always meet Nisetama-san (meaning Fake Egg) at the end of every episode. He looks like a young man and he is dressed in a yellow suit. The face is exposed, and he could be created as a humanoid Gudetama. The episodes always end with a rendition of the Gudetama theme song and a contemporary style dance performed by Nisetama-san. His dress looks similar to a zentai suits that are skin-tight garments that cover the entire body.

Other characters could be cat, hens, dog without eyes,  humans (sometimes not showing face or just a blank face). It seems to be new characters in almost every episode, and Gudetama is lonely among them. Maybe that’s why he feels so depressed.

Today’s words from Gudetama

In many videos there are sections with “Today’s words from Gudetama” where he is saying something short and poetic. It could be just a short sentence, but it is always catchy and well done. Here are examples of some of his quotes:

“Don’t find me”Tired Gudetama egg

“I’m on a trip called life”.

“A valentine from your mum doesn’t count”.

“Don’t play with your food”.

“I used to get in trouble”.

“Don’t stare at me”.

“I don’t get tired of playing”.

“Don’t touch me”.

“Stuck in the corner, I can’t breathe”

“Whatever, I will just be eaten one day anyways”.

“I don’t wanna go”.

“I’m not the mains anyways, but definitely needs to be there.”

“Do I really still have to work”?

“Right. I’m going home”.

“Sir! I’m tired.”

“Too lazy to get up”.

“It’s so boring in the fridge”

“I wish I were stress free! Though I don’t really have any stress…

Sanrio’s experimental food mascots…

There are lots of Anime fans seeking surprising maskots with a different behaviour. They want something new and exciting. And Sanrio is ready to give us new characters we never could figure out on our own. If people love a lazy egg man with a big butt that hates the world and is sad all the time… Why not go even further? After Gudetama was established, Sanrio launched another crazy character. Aggretsuko  a red, aggressive panda that drinks alcohol and sings death metal every night.  But Gudetama is far from the only food mascot made by Sanrio. Actually they have more than 20 characters made by food! Kirimi-Chan that we already mentioned in the introduction, won the internal mascot competition as their cutest mascot, and he is a salmon fillet. Yeah, not just a salmon, but a thick slice of salmon fillet. He has got a head with 2 black dots for the eyes and a short line for a mouth. Kirimi-Chan’s best friends are also fish fillets, a sea bream and mackerel. You can read more about them on Rappler.com


Gudetama brings The Easter to Japan

As Japan normally doesn’t celebrate Easter, it seems like Gudetama may change that tradition. Sanrio found a new partner last year, Fujiya, a chain

Gudetama egg platters

of confectionery stores and cafes. Together they will deliver Gudetama treats just in time for Easter. There are many interesting Easter items, including Gudetama Pudding and an Easter Gudetama roll cake. It seems like Sanrio has got inspiration from the Easter Bunny, since the the packaging will feature Gudetama wearing bunny ears or peeking out of a decorated Easter egg shell. Everybody associate the Easter time with eggs, and we think Easter time will be a perfect time for Sanrio to promote Gudetama for Europe and the United States, and the rest of the world.

You Can Now Fly With The Gudetama Plane!

CNN recently presented a list of the 12 best aircraft liveries, and the Gudetama plane was one of them! The flights operate between Taipei, Taiwan and Tokyo, Narita, Japan. Eva Airlines is the airline that is cooperating with Sanrio, and they wrote on their website:

The Lazy Egg, Gudetama, is taking his time packing his luggage since he is going on an overseas vacation. The concept behind the Comfort Flight is to invite passengers to escape from the tedious life and travel at their pleasure. Let’s all get on board, laid back and carry out the “Gudatama’s philosophy of laziness”!

According to Taiwan News Eva Airlines has seven painted aircraft with the theme of Sanrio characters. Inside of the airplane, Airline-Update explains that everything is decorated in Gudetama design:

  • Headrest covers
  • Pillows
  • Safety cards
  • Beverage menus
  • Disposable hand towels
  • Tray mats
  • Napkins
  • Cups
  • Meal boxes
  • Food trays
  • Chopstick wrappers
  • Utensils
  • Meals
  • Snacks
  • Floss picks
  • Slippers
  • Playing cards

A quick look at Sanrio

Sanrio is a Japanese cartoon brand founded in 1960. They design products focusing on cute anime characters and produce products within fashion, accessories, gifts, entertainment and videogames. Further they sell the products to retail stores in Japan but they deliver also worldwide. Here Gudetama is just one out of a long list of characters. Hello Kitty was launched already in 1974 and is still Sanrio’s most popular character. In 1975 they introduced a vinyl coin with Hello Kitty that became very popular and in 1976 they brought Hello Kitty to the United States. 40 years later, Hello Kitty is still a true money machine and is worth more than stunning $7 billion a year, according to Wikipedia.

If you want to meet Gudetama and the other Sanrio characters you can either go to the many Expos that are popping up around in Taiwan and other countries or go to Sanrio’s two theme parks in Japan, Puroland in Tokyo and Harmonyland in Kyushu. Puroland has just opened an own Gudetama Land, the ultimate entertainment park for all the enthusiastic fans of the lazy egg mascot.


McDonalds have even launched their own Gudetama menu at their restaurants in China. Now you can try Lazy Egg-inspired rice burgers, cheeseballs and McFlurry ice-cream! Food looks really cute and we just have to ask “could anyone resist not ordering anything?” If you are like us, you have probably scanned the market for exciting Gudetama articles, and new articles are published every day! One of the latest posts we found was from a food blogger that makes amazing Gudetama sushi! We are impressed and it looks really yummy!

I think we have just seen the beginning of Gudetama’s popularity in the western countries. I am sure it will arrive more and more stuff here in the future, because he has indeeed an international appeal. You know, eggs are eaten everywhere, and his thoughts and worries are something most people share through their lives. We look forward to following him and looking at this cute mascot!