Watch all the Gudetama episodes

Maybe you have asked? I’m not in Asia. Where to watch Gudetama? The answer is: Here you can watch all the Gudetama episodes. This is a must for us without Japanese TV stations at home! He is loved by mil

lions o

Watch all the Gudetama episodes

f people, especially in Japan and Asia, but it seems like he gets more and more Western fans too. It is something unique that could never been invented in Europe or United States. It had to be in Japan. Maybe you don’t understand how big it is, but millions of people love Gudetama in Japan.  Already there they have huge expos, airplanes decorated with him and cafeterias serving Gudetama food. Isn’t that amazing? And the trend is coming to the West. Are you prepared?


Watch all the Gudetama episodes

Finally, what you have been looking for. All the episodes of Gudetama online! Click the play button to start:

Here are some of the comments we found on YouTube:

I can relate to that egg so much it is embarrassing

Raquel Brandi


His voice is so freaking cute! (or a girl? I dont know)

Cari N


This animated egg connects with me on a spiritual level.

Soprano Cicada