Top 7 unboxing Gudetama stuff

We have collected 7 of the best unboxing videos of Gudetama stuff for you, we have been searching the entire web. This article is the best from Youtube, we gonna show you Top 3 unboxing Gudetama stuff.

Top 3 unboxing Gudetama stuff

We’re unboxing a full case of Sanrio Re-ment Blind Boxes sent from Fran! Thank you so much Fran for sending these adorable miniatures my way. I love them so much!! Inside each box contains one set of Gudetama miniature.


Recently, I was introduced to Sanrio’s (the company that created Hello Kitty) newest character the egg dude. This lazy egg is so adorable and full of personality. When I saw that Q-Box was offering Gudetama themed box, I pre-ordered one to try it out. The result? I am SO HAPPY with everything inside!! 😀

It’s time to open a secret box full of GUDETAMA stuff! Are you excited? 😛

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