This Week’s Top 8 Best NEW Gudetama Videos

Here we have collected some of the Coolest NEW Gudetama Videos this week! We really love to see how viral the Gudetama family is! It’s awesome that our cute Gudetama is so popular around the world! Check out new visits to the Gudetama Cafe, new Sanrio Dresses and much more fun!

Giant Gudetama Jello Egg with Fun Toy Surprises by Fizzy Toy Show

Gudetama Sanrio Dress Up Series 2 Putitto Blind Boxes!

Its time for MORE cute! While in Japan we found these super adorable Gudetama blind boxes. These can dress up any of your cups and hang on the top rim! Which one is your favorite? Thanks for watching!

Cornyco visits Gudetama Cafe
Our favorite Youtuber Cornyco has visted Gudetama cafe and is amazed:

Hellooo, i finally got to visit the gudetama pop up cafe! I couldn’t resist the urge for cuteness any longer!! I absolutely love gudetama…that charming lil lazy egg. If you live close to tokyo and love cute stuff i’d recommend a visit! we decided to walk off all that cute and yummy food and check out the stores in Ikebukero. It’s always a blast hanging out with my boyfriend! 😀 he’s so cute he’d been planning to make me nabe and treat me for our 6 months anniversary. At least that’s my guess. What a sweetie eh!

How To Get Nisetama Armor And Gudetama Hunting Horn!

Monster Hunter Generations: MHXX x Gudetama (Event Quest) shows that Gudetama is now part of an action game. The clue here is that the action hero needs to find eggs… There is a frying pan and will be used as a weapon to hunt on the dangerous characters. In this event quest we get the Nisetama San Armor/ Outfit and the Gudetama Hunting Horn.

How to make Gudetama Clear Slime?

DIY Gudetama presents DJ Egg Slime !

This is a tutorial video how to make Gudetama slime. Sounds really yummy!

This weeks Gudetama Cartoon

In this video we learn what Gudetama thinks about Pepper on the Egg…

Lazy & Easy Way to Treat Your Dead Skin Cells

Did you know that Gudetama also helps you to take care of your beautiful face? Apply him into dead skin cells in your face! The best face cream ever!

Gudetama magnet

In this video Milla has visited a shop where they have lots of Gudetama stuff! Including Gudetama magnets, Gudetama cookies and Goodetama slime on glass. Looks indeed very delicious!

Sandwich bags, Gudetama bowls, chopsticks, Gudetama cutleries and much more you need for your yellow kitchen!

How to apply a Gudetama eyeliner

Beautibot writes:

Someone sent me a picture of a person who had done this gudetama makeup look (original makeup by @agentsometime on instagram, go check them out!) I basically just tweaked it by adding the black lip and the white stripe. I love gudetama and this was such a fun look to do! I would love to do more fun things like this 🙂 Thanks for watching!

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