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Watch all the Gudetama episodes

Maybe you have asked? I’m not in Asia. Where to watch Gudetama? The answer is: Here you can watch all the Gudetama episodes. This is a must for us without Japanese TV stations at home! He is loved by mil lions o f people, especially in Japan and Asia, but it seems like he gets …

How to build your own Miniature Gudetama Diner

This video is amazing. This guy has more than 4 million views, and it is really easy to understand… This is an in-depth video of 19 minutes describing exactly how to build your own Miniature Gudetama Diner.  This is the perfect guide for you.We give thumps up! Yeah, we are absolutely impressed of the professional …

How To Make Gudetama Egg Clear Slime

Exclusively: How To Make Gudetama Egg Clear Slime . One of the most seen Gudetama videos online, more than 5 million viewers.We are impressed how good Monsterkids produced this video! We want to congratulate them for a fabulous video! You have done a tremendous work! And isn’t Gudetama cute laying there in the clear slime? How …